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API University

Learn the basics of APIs with a collection of resources aimed at providing best practices, tips and tutorials for API providers and developers.

Intro to APIs

APIs are the foundation for digital transformation. Businesses leverage APIs to support composability, automate business processes, and allow employees and customers to move faster than ever before. But what exactly are APIs and how do they allow businesses to provide innovation solutions for customers?

API Strategy

When a business starts its digital transformation journey, one of the earliest steps is to define an API strategy. This strategy will include how APIs will open new business channels, what business models will be used, how the APIs should be treated as products themselves, and what structure will be put in place to support the APIs.

API Design

Once the strategy is in place, an organization faces decisions on how to design, build and deploy its APIs. Well designed APIs allow businesses to connect to data anywhere, enable composability and take into account security and governance.

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